November 6th - November 8th

Location: McConnell Building


The McGill Engineering Competition is an event gathering McGill Engineers to compete against each other. The McGill Engineering Competition is an exciting interdisciplinary engineering competition that allows students of all types of engineering to test their skills in varying competitions. The goal of the competition is to foster relationships between students while providing them a setting for professional engineering practice as well as networking opportunities.


The competition provides contestants with tools and experiences that build a framework around their strong theoretical knowledge.


The winners are selected to represent the university and advance to the Quebec Engineering Competition where they may later be selected to compete in the Canadian Engineering Competition.


During the competition, contestants get to explore their professional future and connect with leaders in their industry of preference.


Senior Design

This category is the cornerstone of the MEC. Teams of four are given twelve hours to develop a prototype that will meet requirements disclosed during the day of the competition. Participants will be judged on the relevance and originality of their project as well as their ability to present it to the public and the judges. This competition is open to students having completed at least 60 credits.

Junior Design

The junior design competition is open to students having completed less than 60 credits. Just like the senior design competition, participants, in teams of four are asked to solve a problem in a limited amount of time using basic engineering skills. The day of the event, teams will be provided with the specific material that is to be used for their design. The team evaluation will be based on the quality of their prototype as well as the quality of their presentation.

Innovative Design

Participants table during the event and present innovative products or concepts they developed as a solution to a problem of their choice. This competition is highly technical and participants are expected to carry out a market research and feasibility studies as well as draw a business proposal for their product beforehand in order to promote their solution.

Engineering Communication

In this category, competitors alone or in teams of two are required to explain a complex engineering process or product to judges. The purpose is to popularize complex, intangible and abstract concepts in order to make them understandable for technical and non-technical judges. Participants are judged on the clarity of of their presentation and on their critical analysis.


Teams of two participants are asked to improve and optimize existing products so that they meet new constraints and requirements. Competitors will be evaluated on the originality of their solutions, their technical knowledge, as well as their public speaking skills.

Impromptu Debate

Two teams of two participants debate a topic that will be disclosed the day of the competition. Teams are judged on the relevance of their arguments as well as their public speaking skills and their ability to build a clear and structured reasoning.


Participants, in teams of four are given five hours to elaborate a complete solution to an engineering related problem exposed the day of the competition. Competitors must consider social, environmental, economic, and technical aspects of the problem in their proposal and will be judged on the quality of their solution as well as their ability to clearly present it to the jury.

Scientific research presentation – Graduate Students

For the first time this year, the MEC is proud to present the scientific research presentation category designed for Master and Ph.D. students. In this category, participants are required to present a project of their own choosing .This competition consists of a poster presentation in front of the public followed by an oral presentation in front of judges. Competitors will be evaluated on the innovation and technical feasibility of their project as well as the clarity of the presentation and their ability to speak in layman’s terms. The quality of visual material will also be evaluated.



We’re the McGill Engineering Competition (MEC for short) and We Want You to sign up and compete for the chance to become McGill Engineering champions!
If the glory of school champion doesn’t satisfy your ambition enough, after winning move onto the Quebec Engineering Competition to get a shot at becoming provincial champions!
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Why partner with us?

MEC offers a great opportunity to engage corporations and students in a networking setting. Bringing talented students and successful businesses together can lead to long lasting connections. These connections translate to career opportunities for students and recruitment potential for corporations. During the competition the students will be able to showcase their unique individual skills as well as express their communication skills amongst each other. This is a growing service required by today’s industry.Through your financial support, you encourage the engineers of tomorrow, who will become your future employees, clients and business partners!
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Access to Talent (Recruiting) and Talent Bank (CV’s)

MEC offers a great opportunity to connect talented students with corporations in a networking scenario. As a corporate partner, you will be presented with the Annual MEC Talent Bank, which contains ranked CV’s of all participants.

Giving Back to Education

Involvement in this amazing initiative is a great opportunity to get your brand name promoted as a company that is aiding in the development of local education.

Logo Advertising

MEC’s Corporate partners will benefit by having their logo on the competition's promotional material such as apparel, banners, posters, fliers, website and social media pages.



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